About EBB Environmental Consulting Inc.

EBB Environmental Consulting Inc. is a Lower Mainland based firm that provides professional, ethical, and quality service in the environmental resource sector. EBB Environmental Consulting Inc. prides itself on the ability to provide the highest quality service at affordable rates while being dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment. We provide our clients with technical excellence and innovative solutions in response to present land use and environmental challenges.

Since 2000, EBB Environmental Consulting Inc. has been providing consulting services in the Lower Mainland, and has expanded to Vancouver Island and interior regions of BC. We have a varied background of staff with experience in the areas of agrology, forestry, fisheries, and wildlife management. Furthermore, because our staff forms the foundation of EBB, we are committed to providing opportunities and resources to help them grow and achieve their respective career goals.

We specialize in agricultural and environmental resource management planning, through biophysical inventory, public consultation and environmental impact assessments. Services we offer include resource inventories (e.g. alien invasive plants, soil sampling); avian inventories; biophysical surveys; ecological surveys and assessments; fisheries and wildlife habitat inventories; species at risk inventories; resource management planning (e.g. ecosystem mapping; BMP development and implementation; urban wildlife management; invasive and problem species management); water management; environmental planning and monitoring (e.g. environmental impact assessments, project planning, permitting/approvals, monitoring and compliance, feasibility studies), and agri-environmental planning (e.g. environmental assessments of farm operations, develop risk management strategies, assist in funding applications).