Environmental Planning and Monitoring

Planning and monitoring are integral in ensuring that habitat values are maintained. EBB has been involved in preparing management plans, submitting and administering permits, and monitoring construction activities in environmentally sensitive areas.

Management Plans

In addressing the management needs of our clients, we perform in depth and scientifically-based assessments to identify all key issues. EBB strives to develop practical strategies that provide results and that address all environmental issues. We are also capable of implementing recommendations made in our management plans.

Select Management Plans include:

  • Beaver Activity Assessment and Management Plan, District of Squamish
  • Beaver Activity Assessment and Management Plan, City of Coquitlam
  • Beaver Management Plan, Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • Control of Swimmers Itch Management Plan, Resort Municipality of Whistler
  • Implementation of Regional Canada Goose Management Plan, Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program
  • Vancouver Island Mute Swan Management Plan, Canadian Wildlife Service/Environment Canada
  • Mitigation Strategy for Beaver Impacts on Canadian Forces Bases, Public Works Canada

Permitting and Approvals

EBB is proficient in applying for and receiving approval for work that requires governmental approval. This is done as part of inventory or compensation work that we perform.


EBB is capable of providing proficient environmental monitoring. Personnel responsible for monitoring a site bring a wealth of knowledge in environmental regulations.

Terrestrial Resource Assessments

EBB has conducted numerous terrestrial resource assessments to supplement CEAA screening documents. These include detailed assessments of habitat capability/suitability for species at risk, assessment of potential risks to species at risk and to ecological functions for a site and surrounding area, finally, EBB provides detailed mitigation techniques to reduce the likelihood of impact on the terrestrial resources.

Environmental Impact Assessments

EBB is experienced in providing detailed environmental impact assessments. These include thorough biophysical inventories and appropriate and practical recommendation. Recommendations and biophysical findings are mapped and written in a way that is understandable and obtainable for resource managers.