Resource Management

EBB is has extensive experience in the management of problem wildlife and invasive species. Services include population estimates, long-term impacts and implications, management and control options.

Invasive and Nuisance Species Monitoring and Control

EBB provides assistance in the management and control of invasive and nuisance wildlife and plants. EBB works closely with the BC Ministry of Environment (BC Parks & Conservation Officer Service) in dealing with these issues:

Giant Hogweed
Exotic fresh water fish
Canada Geese
Mute Swans
Swimmers itch (schistosomes)

Beaver Management

EBB specializes in the management of American beaver (Castor canadensis). We have been involved since 2000 in managing beaver populations and recommending and installing water control devices.

Canada Goose Management

EBB has extensive experience in the management of Canada geese ( Branta canadensis ). This includes performing surveys (both aerial and ground), management recommendations, and population control.